Snack Platter: R439
10 Cocktail Spring Rolls, 10 Cocktail Samoosa, 10 Crumbed Prawns,
10 Meat Balls, 10 Mini Quiche, 10 Mini Chicken Schnitzels, 10 Cheese Puffs,
10 Chilli Bites, 10 Fresh Vegetable Sticks, 1 Dips, 10 Doritos

Sandwich Platter: R329
42 crustless white and whole wheat sandwich triangles
BBQ Beef, Chicken Mayo, Cheddar & Sweet Chilli,
Egg Mayo, Tuna Mayo, Mozzarella & Pesto

Vegetarian Platter: R439
10 Cocktail Spring Rolls, 10 Cocktail Samoosa, 10 Crumbed Mushrooms,
10 Chilli Bites, 10 Cheese Puffs, 10 Spinach Puffs, 10 Crumbed Brocolli,
10 Mini Quiche, 10 Fresh Vegetable Sticks, 1 Dips, 10 Doritos

Ultimate Bread Platter: R439
10 Mini Pitas filled with BBQ Beef, Dressing and Fresh Veggies
10 Mini Chicken Wraps topped with toasted Sesame Seeds and Teryiaki,
10 Open Mini Rye Sandwich with Smoked Chicken, Pesto and Rosa Tomato
10 Cocktail Bagels with Sliced Chicken, Sweet Chilli, Lettuce & Tomato
10 Sliced French Loaf topped with Tuna Mayo

Grilled Meat Platter: R549
5 Cocktail Beef & Cheddar Burger, 5 Cocktail Chicken & Pesto Burger, R 549.00
5 Cocktail Hot Dog & Mustard Roll, 5 Cocktail Boerewors & Tomato Sauce
8 BBQ Chicken Drummies, 8 Sticky Chicken Winglets, 1 Braai Sauce
5 BBQ Chicken Fillet Skewers, 5 BBQ Beef Rump Skewres

10 Times Meat Platter: R589
10 Chicken Fillet Skewers, 10 Beef Rump Skewers, 10 Meat Balls,
10 Garlic & Chilli Lamb Riblets, 8 Sticky Chicken Winglets,
8 BBQ Chicken Drummies, 10 Cocktail Beef Sausages, 10 Mini Viennas,
10 Cocktail Boerewors, 10 Chicken Strips, 1 Braai Sauce

Mezze Platter: R499
Tzatziki, Humus, Taramasalata, Red Peppers Dip, Marinated Feta Cheese
Calamata Olives, Sun Dried Tomato, Dolmades
Served with Sliced Ciabattas

Cheese Platter: R499
Variety of SA Cheese – Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, Blue Cheese,
Goat Cheese, Cream Cheese, Marinated Feta, Camembert,
Crackers, Garnished with Dry Fruit, Nuts, Olives, Grapes (if in season)

Cold Meat Platter: R599
sliced Beef, Smoked Chicken, Beef Salami, Sliced Chicken Fillet,
Crumbed Chicken Fillet, Smoked Salmon offcuts,
Served with Breads, garnished with Pickles

Fresh Vegetable Platter: R329
Sticks and pieces of fresh Veggies served with two dips – Basil, Sweet Chilli
Cucumber, Carrot, Celery, Peppers, Cherry Tomato, Mushrooms
Blanched Cauliflower & Brocolli

Fresh Fruit Platter: R329
32 Skewers with cubed fresh Fruit
Served with Chocolate Sauce or Strawberry yogurt

Breakfast Platter: R399
6 Jam Doughnuts, 6 small Croissants, 10 Chelsea Bun Danish,
6 Scones, 6 Chocolate Muffins, Garnished with Fresh Fruit
Bowl of grated Cheddar, bowl of Whipped Cream
12 mini Butters, 6 mini Apricot Jams, 6 mini Strawberry Jam

Tartlet Platter: R399
36 tartlets – Milktart, Apple Crumble Tartlet, Pecan & Honey Tartlet,
Lemon Meringue Tartlet, Fruit Flan Tartlet, Coconut Tartlet

NB! All prices displayed are EXCLUDING VAT.