Breakfast Menu

Baker’s Breakfast: R49 per person
Freshly baked miniatures of Croissant,
Danish, Scone, Bagel and Muffin Served with grated Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Whipped Cream, Butter and Preserves

Classic Breakfast: R69 per person
Two pancakes with Syrup
Scrambled Eggs, Beef Sausage, Macon, Grilled Tomato and Creamed Mushrooms
Served with grated Cheddar, Butter, Rolls and Bread Basket

Baker’s Classic Breakfast: R79 per person
Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Macon, Grilled Tomato, Creamed Mushrooms
Danish, Muffin and Croissant
Served with grated Cheddar, Butter, Preserves and Rolls and Bread Basket

‘Too’ Healthy Breakfast: R69 per person
Muesli Crunch, Cereals, Low Fat Yoghurt, Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pieces and Berries, Mixed Nuts & Seeds

Breakfast Platter: R399
6 Jam Dougnuts, 6 small Croissants, 10 Chelsea Bun Danish,
6 Scones, 6 Chocolate Muffins, Garnished with Fresh Fruit,
Bowl of grated Cheddar, bowl of whipped Cream,
12 mini Butters, 6 mini Apricot Jams, 6 Strawberry Jams

Extras to all breakfasts
Fresh Fruit Juice: R10 per person
Fresh Fruit Pieces: R15 per person
Tea & Fresh Filter Coffee Station: R17,50 per person

NB! All prices displayed are EXCLUDING VAT.